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Today India is the second fastest-growing economy in the World & Engineering industry is the country’s second largest economic activity after agriculture. Human capital is the most important asset to an Organization.

Obviously the quality of manpower influences success of the construction industry. India is known as country of young people with median age of population being 24.6 years & one-third of the population is below 14 years of age. By 2025 India is and will remain one of the youngest countries in the world for some time. By careful planning & efficient utilization of human resource we will be ahead of developed countries within short decades. But this success depends on number of people in work and their efficiency of productivity, which directly depend on the skills they have and how effectively those skills are used.

About Skilled Engineers

Skilled Engineers is a collaboration of companies who is providing the skill enhancement/development program for engineering students as demanded by the industries. Industrial training is important for making an engineering student work ready. We are specialised in Software trainings as well as onsite training, Industrial training, In-plant training for the engineering students so that the student can have the industrial exposure and practical experience. Students get to work on the ongoingprojects of the companies.This skill development program will provide an industrial exposure to the students as well as to develop their career in the high tech industrial requirements.

The main reason engineering students need to do Industrial Training is so they are well prepared for a graduate job in their chosen field. It is a chance for you to put what you have learned at university to work in the kind of real-life situations you will come up against when you start your career. Industrial training gives you great experience during your Bachelor of Engineering degree including:

  • First-hand experience working as an engineering professional
  • Apply your technical knowledge and engineering methods to a real-life situations
  • Work with other engineering professionals
  • Experience what it’s like to work in a professional organisation
  • Increase your technical, interpersonal and communication skills, both oral and written
  • Observe interactions of engineers with other professional groups
  • Witness the functioning and organisation of Industry and Plants

We have collaboration with various National, Multinational as well as Government companies. The trainee students get the placement opportunity in the various companies and most of the times trainees get absorbed by the company itself. So Be Job Ready!!

On-Site Training

A large majority of employee learning is accomplished through on-site training. Economical growth rate of any country depends upon number of people in work & their productivity. Skill is at root of productivity. Efficient use of skill enables to do proficient work with increase in productivity. Presently Indian construction sector is suffering from acute shortage of skilled labour & in future situation will be more critical. As per a survey about 83% of the workers are unskilled and majority of them are women. Training to employee is backbone for skill development. On-site training and certification methods are measures to improve skill & employability factors.

On-site training is a form of training taking place in a normal working situation or the place at which the project is being developed by the company.

It is a one-on-one training located at the job site, where someone who knows how to do a task shows another how to perform it. In antiquity, the work performed by most people did not rely on abstract thinking or academic education. Professionals, who knew the skills necessary for survival, passed their knowledge on to the trainee through direct instruction.

On the Job Training is still widely used today. It is a frequently used method of training because it requires only a person who knows how to do the task, and the tools the person uses to do the task. The training takes place on the site, it can be highly realistic and no transfer of learning is required. It is often inexpensive because no special equipment is neededother than what is normally used on the site.


  1. Shortage of skilled manpower to cope with increasing use of new technology & mechanization in construction industry.
  2. Existing work force is largely unskilled and unorganized.
  3. Need of skill up-gradation to international standards.
  4. There is always a difference between knowing and performing, and the gap is explained by inadequacy of skill.

* Skilled Engineers old address was SCO 94-95 Sector 34A, Sector 34, Chandigarh, 160022, India
Our new location is SCO 91-92-93, Basement Sector 34A, Sector 34, Chandigarh, 160022, India